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planning around foreign public holidays

Be aware of foreign market public holidays and school breaks

Currently, I am planning our trip to Europe this summer. We will be traveling to Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Czech Republic to visit family, doing some research and business. But mostly, we will be in Germany. A close ally with lots of travel planning experience is my mother in Germany. The first thing she …

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Recap your stats

Recap your stats for designated actions

It’s the beginning of the year and, although you are in momentum and swing of following your international business strategy, it’s a good idea to review your website, marketing, and sales statistics and see if your strategy needs adjustment. Yes, it is most likely part of your processes anyway, yet when things work well and …

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Just call me at this time, my time.

“So I message a millennial blogger I am working with. I ask her what her Skype is so we can chat and which time zone she is in. She says,’Hey I am in Cali, I have never heard of Tel Aviv and no idea where it is, so just call me at this time, my …

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Join in on refreshing or learning that foreign language

As my plans for spending two months of the Summer 2017 in my native Germany, my loved France, my married into Italy and my personal study Switzerland, I am starting to get nervous about my language skills. There are no worries with German as I use it on a daily basis with my work, associates …

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Research your Foreign Brand Name

Today I read an article in the German online newspaper Die Welt on how the dictator Adolf Hitler is idealized in India for his leadership qualities and strength. Most people are not at all aware of his dark past. Using his famous grim look with the little mustache is even a very effective lead magnet …

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Translations on Purpose is a language translation and small business consulting company that is dedicated to supporting businesses in reaching international markets, making their products and services available in a different language and growing a foreign language customer base.

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